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F.D. Thomas, Inc.

Chase Center Arena

1 Warriors Way, San Francisco, CA 94158, United States
About Chase Center Arena

Contractor: Mortenson Clark, A Joint Venture 

Owner: GSW Arena LLC

Chase Center, which is home to NBA team the Golden State Warriors, is situated in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. It features a full-size arena, a multi-purpose area, office and lab space, retail area, and a public plaza/recreational area.

F.D. Thomas provided the high-performance coatings and linings, hot fluid applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing, planter dampproofing, reinforced thermoplastic membrane, traffic coating, sheet metal flashing and trim, elastomeric flashing, thermoplastic membrane roofing, and the pedestal paver system.

  • Company Name

    F.D. Thomas, Inc.

  • Company Role

    Below Grade Waterproofing, Roofing, Waterproofing

  • Areas of Expertise

    Joint Sealants, Traffic Coatings, Hot Fluid Applied Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing, High-Performance Coatings and Linings, Planter Dampproofing, Reinforced Thermoplastic Membrane, Sheet Metal Flashing & Trim, Elastomeric Flashing, Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing, Pedestal Paver System

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Project Details

Project Type

New Build


Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment, Retail, Retail, Retail

Square Footage

900,000 SF



Construction Status