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Dieter Klohn

Dieter Klohn

SME Industries


West Jordan, UT, USA
  • Sector

    Stadia, Aviation, Commercial, Healthcare, High Rise, Entertainment, Cultural, Education (Higher/3rd level), Low Rise, Residential - Multifamily, Retail, Government, Mid Rise, Science/Lab Centers, Parking Structures, Religious, Hospitality - 4 Star, Hospitality - 5 Star, Banking, Residential - Luxury, Mission Critical Facilities (Data Centers), Hospitality

  • Areas of Expertise

    Negotiation, Contract Management, Procurement, Schedule Management, Cost Management, Risk Management, Budget Management, Project Management

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About Dieter Klohn

Dieter Klohn, President of SME Steel, brings an impressive 52 years of experience in the steel industry. Dieter has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise being incredibly proficient in streamlining operations and creating highly competitive companies. He has managed a wide range of projects in the United States and all around the globe from buildings and bridges to stadiums and refineries. Having received his education from Kiel Technical School in West Germany and a vast array of international work, Dieter is considered an expert on many levels. He has been a member of American Welding Society and American Institute of Steel Construction for over thirty years. Dieter is also a long time member of American Society of Civil Engineers and a voting member of American Society for Testing and Materials National Committee.



Career Experience: President CoreBrace President 2010-01 - 2017-01 7 yrs

Career Experience: General Manager Steel Supply & Engineering General Manager 2008-01 - 2010-01 2 yrs

Career Experience: Vice President & General Manager International Manufacturing Vice President & General Manager 1999-01 - 2008-01 9 yrs

Career Experience: President & CEO KSK Engineering Corporation President & CEO 1979-01 - 1999-01 20 yrs

Career Experience: Vice President & General Manager Metro Steel Company Vice President & General Manager 1976-01 - 1979-01 3 yrs

Career Experience: Chief Estimator West End Iron Works Chief Estimator 1973-01 - 1976-01 3 yrs


Education: Technical School Kiel Technical School Technical School

Education: M.S.E. MIT M.S.E.

Education: General Courses Welding Technology Design General Courses

Education: Management & Financial Control Harvard University Management & Financial Control

Education: Management MIT Sloan School of Management Management

Professional Credentials/Licenses

Professional Credential: Voting Member, ASTM National Committee | Section A 5.013 & F 5.17 Voting Member, ASTM National Committee | Section A 5.013 & F 5.17 ASTM

Professional Credential: ASCE Member ASCE Member American Society of Civil Engineers

Professional Credential: AISC Member AISC Member American Institute of Steel Construction

Professional Credential: AWS Member AWS Member American Welding Society