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ProjectMark's Mission is to connect the construction community by providing a multi-faceted, portfolio driven platform that allows Companies, Owners and Professionals to build industry relationships, source project teams, and highlight industry accomplishments.
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Why Now?

Finding ways to engage and network with partners and potential clients has been more challenging than ever, especially while navigating COVID 19 and its impacts on the A/E/C industry.  How we connect with prospective collaborators, showcase our work, and identify compatible project teams has changed dramatically in just the past few months. Your online presence is an ever more important part of the business.

Our platform solves a problem: we help you find qualified project partners while increasing new business opportunities on a global scale.  We showcase your work, connect you to industry allies, and provide you the information you need to find promising clients through a fast and user-friendly database.

The Importance of Engagement

In a professional setting, personal engagement through an accessible forum is necessary to compete for an online presence. Even if we exclude 2020’s unprecedented events and its undefined effects, we are regularly overwhelmed and distracted by emails, social media alerts, and phone calls.

ProjectMark’s interface allows for the immediate representation of what's important in an interactive and familiar setting.



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